4 Fears that Kill Your Dreams: It’s Time to Take the Leap

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“Fear is the gateway between us and the destiny of who we are created to be.” -Justin Stumvoll

 Recently I’ve been studying different types of being “scared” and fears. There’s a big difference between meeting someone for the first time and someone jumping out from a corner to scare the life out of you. This isn’t the type of fear I’m talking about.

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Enrollment is now open for Noah University!


Today is your day! Enrollment is now OPEN! I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey. Noah University is the playbook I wish I would have been given when I was about to graduate High School to find my calling, build my brand, and discover my audience. 28 years later, I can tell you I’ve learned the fast track of building story, creating dynamic products, building a powerful online marketing engine while impacting lives and providing value. 

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3 Tips to Being Less about “You” and How to Serve Others


This week I wanted to share 3 Tips to Being Less about “You” and How to Serve Others. Do you feel like you are approaching life looking for the best seat, the easiest people to talk to and the least path of resistance in every situation? Are you so wrapped up in performing, achieving and making life happen that you race by people as if running red lights in a car? One of the greatest wastes of the precious time I have on this earth is whether it is spent getting what I want or putting myself aside so that the bigger mission can happen through me.
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