The Power of “F” Words and your Kids


The Power of “F” Words and your kids

I thought I would have a little fun with that title. I figured it would get some attention. That proves one of my points: The power of words.

Around our house, we throw words around non stop. Some encourage; some give life, and unfortunately, others tear down. Sometimes, we use them to make a drastic point.

This week I wanted to share a few words that are empowering and life-giving in our home.

Fun: As a father of an 11-year-old princess and a 9-year-old master builder, creativity, adventure, and “fun” is common. I, however as a Dad, have to remind myself to let go of responsibilities to roll in the fun they’ve created. Working from my private studio allows me the chance to see daily events unfold in real time. I remind myself often that this is the last year they will be this age. I need to stop, get on their level, and serve them in their own individual language. Are we looking for ways to have fun or are we spending most of the time saying no and what not to do? I’d love to go to bed knowing I empowered and verbally rewarded my children more than saying no.

Faith: This one is paramount. God is the head of this house. Not me. It has structured our lives to know our days, weeks, months, and years are a gift. Days at the beach. Days at Disneyland. Mornings sitting around the breakfast table talking about what we are thankful for. All these things and more are gifts.

Friday: The word Friday is a powerful one around our house as it signals “Family Night.” We hunker down for dinner and a movie and chill time. The kids look forward to this night the whole week.

Funny: Raising kids is hands down one of the most challenging things Chantel and I have ever done. We say how glad we are to have each other when the days are tough. The only way I know to keep it light is to be funny. I either do my famous chicken dance in the kitchen or some embarrassing performance that makes the kids run.

Fart: That word right there might be one of the most powerful words ever. Say it anywhere and your kids will smile. If we are having a bad day and are expected to take a picture that will last a lifetime, just say the word and everyone smiles. It works every time.

Listen, the most powerful muscle in the human body is the tongue. It has the power to give life or take it away. My personal goal is to be slow to speak, quick to listen, and careful to craft what I’m about to say.

How have you seen the power of words have a positive and negative influence with your kids? Please leave a comment below and share this post with others!

Aladdin Art by Noah – Product Release & Signing


I will take part in a special appearance and signing, Saturday September 13, 2014 from 11a.m. – 1p.m. at WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District, as we celebrate the release of my latest Aladdin Art piece “Our Flight into a New World”.

“Our Flight into a New World” – Watching Aladdin and the flying carpet scene is such a classic piece of Disney animation. The nighttime scene, the amazing score of music and the love between characters builds into a key turning point of the film: Jasmine finds her true love and is free. At the heart of this scene, I was moved by the message of hope. A new world. A new beginning. There are times in life where we feel that things won’t change for the better or ever turn around. Then, a marvelous interruption takes place that changes our life forever. Typically it’s a new friend, a new love, a new season in life. “Our Flight into a New World” celebrates hope, not just on the surface, but the surprises that lie beyond the horizon! May you be inspired!

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Noah is Appearing at WonderGround Gallery August 29 – 30

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Noah along with artists Jeff Granito, Liana Hee are taking over WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District. On August 29 – 30, take part in special live art performances and demonstrations by Noah and these artists from 5 – 6:30p.m. with a special artist signing opportunity following, from 7 – 9p.m. You’re not going to want to miss this one!

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How is Your Life Being Directed? 4 Steps to Strategic Living


How is your life being directed? I wanted to share 4 steps to strategic living that provided me balance with family, work and relationships. When I was in my late 20’s building my company, wanting to have a family and balance in life I had a disruption. It was this thought: Who in the world is responsible for my life and how in the world in my supposed to manage all of this?

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Our Collector of the Month: Mindy Linahres


Hi, my name is Mindy Linahres. When I received my e-mail  that I had been selected “Collector of the Month”, so may emotions ran through me. I was both honored & speechless. I was asked to tell my story, explain my “Why” (sort of speak). So here it goes. As a young kid growing up in So. California, special “Family time” & “Daddy*Daughter” day was spent at Disneyland, great memories especially now that my mom is gone. As I got older Disney became more & more a way of life. Whether things were going really great or really really bad I knew once I entered that turnstile, and walked under those train tracks, things would be all better. Leaving the outside world behind. I knew that nothing and no one could hurt me there. They say that Disneyland is full of magic, there are few things I know without a doubt, that magic, is VERY REAL. The sadness and pain would go away. When I met my husband, we had a lot of the same things in common. , especially our love of Disney. He even proposed there. A few years later we discovered “50 Wonderful Years”. We weren’t able to buy it at that time but I knew it would someday hang on our wall.

On July 18th, 2010, we went to an event during Disneyland’s 55th Anniversary. While we were waiting in line to get into the Gallery we were told by a cast member that all of the artists had left but we could still go in. (My 4 month old had a plan of his own), so my husband stayed in line. At noon when Disneyana re-opened he was surprised to see that the only artist to come back was Noah. We left with 2 Gicleés that day and a wish list longer than our arms. The true beginning of a life long love of his work. Since that July, our collection has expanded from our home to our salon. So many of his paintings I can relate to in some way. We have tried to limit ourselves to just one theme. (I can say that didn’t work out so well). To look at a painting and know that the person behind it puts every bit of himself into it. You can see his heart, soul, love and passion on each canvas and that pours into each and everything he does. Whether it is the continuous fight to help kids with Autism, annual events to raise money for a family in need, love for his family, spiritual values or developing an amazing mentorship program to help guide others to find their dreams and living in “their sweet spot”. We now wait on pins and needles to see what new pieces are going to be released and try to attend as many events as we can.

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