3 Tips from Ghost Stories, Jesus, and the Dark Night of the Soul

3 Tips from Ghost Stories, Jesus, and the Dark Night of the Soul

I recently woke to a beautiful Sunday morning. I grabbed my car keys and headed to the coffee shop. I also needed to pick up a few items at the art store before heading to church.
 These moments of time in the car driving with good tunes are the moments when inspiration and ideas come flooding in. Except on this day, God had something else in store… 

I turned on one of my favorite new albums by Coldplay “Ghost Stories.” The first track is “Always in my head.” I’m sure Chris wrote this song for different reasons, but this song rang a message to me: gratitude. I drove as my life passed before my mind; it was a highlight reel of the past year and the year to come. 

Overwhelmed, I drove as tears started flooding my eyes. I thought about my wife; never have I loved a human being more than this woman. I also thought about my children, and the gift of their lives, their smiles, and creativity. My team and the truth they speak into my life along with their support. My relationships, the friends and lives that have touched the days of each year and the value they have brought. 

Most importantly, these thoughts led me to the reminder of God’s constant pursuit of my heart. Even when I’m distracted or out of sync, His love never fails. It never gives up on me. I’m overwhelmed by love of God. That He cared about me enough to send His son to save me from myself. I thought about the years of challenges and situations that taught me the reality and magnitude of His love for me and us. 

Dark nights of the soul or seasons that seem unbearable are the crucible that creates the capacity to receive, store, and experience Gods glory. 

We have so much to be thankful for. 

These sorts of thoughts are “always in my head.” 

Here’s the link to listen to the track: http://open.spotify.com/track/0FMjqbY3aWo1QDbo3GwXib

What are you most grateful for as you take a moment to think about it? Now, as a result of this reality, what do you plan to do? I’d love for you to leave a comment below and share this with others.   

11 thoughts on “3 Tips from Ghost Stories, Jesus, and the Dark Night of the Soul

  1. Terry WEaver says:

    Great stuff man! It’s an honor to call you friend. Even in the darkest moments we still have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for being so transparent with not only your team but your tribe. It’s always amazing how when it seem we think we are on our way to church or some other event to pursue the heart of God that He reminds us that He is always pursuing our heart.

  2. Talia Akers says:

    I’m so grateful for my husband. Coming from a divorced home that had no Jesus, I never expected to marry once. I thought if I got married & we fought, I’d get divorced & marry someone else. I was never taught the sanctity of marriage until I met Jesus. He gave me the most amazing man with the biggest heart for Him. I could never imagine my life without him. I fully understand now, what God has brought together let no man destroy.

  3. RUKE says:

    I’m grateful of the amazing adventure I’ve been lead on. Picking everything up and moving my family to Windermere fl (Orlando). The unfolding of the entire transition happen in 30 days. It wasn’t really stressful moving 6 people and leaving a town where I attended the same high school as my father. It was excitement felt by my wife, 4 children and myself. Stepping out in faith isn’t always scary, it’s exciting, if you allow it to be. That….I’m thankful for.

    • Noah says:

      Ruke, great job man being curagoius with and for uiur family but more important your heart. Excited for whats in store. Glad youre here man.

  4. LL says:

    Grateful for having GOD on my side through the good the bad and the ugly. No matter how bad things get I am just grateful I’m not alone. It has opened my eyes when I see a homeless person and I look in their eyes and see how lonely they are it breaks my heart. I no longer walk past them I listen to them and give them a warm meal and the time they deserve to be heard. I am grateful that you write these things to allow me to pour my heart out so thank u!

  5. John Knell says:

    I know that this probably sounds cliched but I’m grateful for just being alive, living right here, in the moment, on planet earth at this time. I’m so excited about the possibilities and what’s in store for not only me but for all of us. Just a killer/exciting time to be alive.

  6. Jon Chase says:

    I’m super thankful for my family and my friends that have given me support over the years. Together we have experienced the good times and the really bad times. Also thankful that I was able to have a career as a creative and continue to have success. Noah you have helped myself and my family many times over, thank you for being a part of our lives.

    • Noah says:

      Jon, watching you navigate these seasons has been powerful and a great example of faithfulness to your family. Great job. Keep impactong the worls that great creativity man.

  7. Lisa Ballan says:

    I’m thankful for my husband. Through the trials of almost 30 years together, my best friend and I have grown closer. He’s a Godly man and one who cares more than he wants anyone to know. We’ve had our struggles with health issues with him but overall I wouldn’t change a thing as I have become a better person because of this man God has given me. God will always guide our steps and fill our hearts with love, guidance, encouragement and success. He led us to you, Noah with your Noah U Program and for that I am also thankful. God Bless you!

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