Announcing: ReImagine Conference

It’s been 27 years since I started my company, on a bike, selling art door to door. There have been speed bumps that were challenges on the journey and speed bumps that became launching pads.

The day it all went into hyper drive and took off was when I gave myself permission to Re-Imagine my life, family, business, and craft. It was this assessment of my life, gifts, and time that allowed me to discover the sweet spot of living: knowing who I am, what I am supposed to do, and how I am supposed to do it. I’m inviting you the opportunity to do the same.

The good news is that I’m taking my almost 30 years of knowledge, my closest partners and leaders in business, and making it all available for you. In person.

That’s why we created the ReImagine Conference. This three-day conference is engineered for those that are entrepreneurs, dreamers, and doers. You will hear from myself and some of the top creatives I’ve ever encountered on my journey. We are all coming together in one place to be intentional about taking creativity and dreams and making them a reality. Speakers will be sharing insight into their journey of taking a dream from an idea to impacting the world.

What would it be like for you to take three days to be in a venue with high octane creatives that you can learn from? How could these three days be one of the largest investments into yourself as a brand?

I invite you to join me and other creatives that are living life on purpose to discover tools and strategies to get the most out of their lives. Learn practical knowledge that can be implemented and ignite your influence.

If you’re going to Re-Imagine your life, wouldn’t it be incredible to have a place to get together with others doing the same?

ReImagine Conference is going to take place over three days in Orange County and space is limited. Click here to visit the website and get registration details. We are offering a special rate for those that register before Monday at Midnight PST.

I look forward to seeing you there!


One thought on “Announcing: ReImagine Conference

  1. Gabrielle Andhita says:

    I have registered & so looking forward to come to this conference. Thank you for making this happen. Sometimes as an artist, we are lack of direction on how to align & fulfill the artistic Calling. I believe that through this event, we can learn more on how to embrace & fulfill the vision & calling. Thanks !

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