"Creative Success" Book Bundle

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The “Creative Success” Book Bundle Teaches You…

• How to harness your creative energy to develop excellent work (and sell it!) while balancing your family and social life

• How to use life’s biggest challenges, setbacks, and disappointments as “launching pads” for your best work

• The keys to dismantling the fear and shame that hinder your personal and professional life so that you can embrace your unique gifts (and experience genuine satisfaction)

• The secrets to creating amazing art, even when you don’t feel inspired

• The path from survival to success to significance: what it takes to make a difference in the world and make your life count

• The disciplines that unleash your talents, drive impact, and help you build a profitable business around the work you love

31 Disciplines of Highly Successful Creatives, Speed Bumps, #FearHunters, and Signed Print