Explore what makes your heart soar (checklist)

Back when I started my company as an artist I remember investing into various styles of artwork. I began painting angels, mermaids, fairies and florals. This was one of the most important steps I’ve ever taken: I didn’t keep all my efforts in one style or one genre. The key for me was to be able to provide as many different genres of art to reach different style of people. I always took the approach: If I am a record label, what different styles of music can I offer multiple audiences?

Here’s the trap that a creative can fall into: They get popular for a certain style but that style isn’t their true passion. Now they “have to” create daily the same thing over and over and they have created a “job”. What once was a blessing became a burden. Soon, the curse grabs a hold of the artist and their dreams come to a halt. Once the artist starts making money they fall into the psychological drug of sticking with what makes them money. They now have put their dreams on hold to fulfill the obligations of each day. I know from my own experience as a husband and father that I had to keep my dreams alive while still making money to provide for the family while doing work that I loved. This took intention and discipline on myself to get my dreams and passions launched alongside my career of creating art for others.

I’d love to help you win in exploring what makes your heart soar. Maybe you are bored and have traded your creativity for a job you hate. Maybe you’re a creative doing creativity for a living but it isn’t your story, it’s “their” story. Maybe you’re a stay at home mom or dad feeling like you’ll never live your dream of launching something you are passionate about.

Here is my daily checklist I use to make sure I spend equal time exploring my dreams and passions while I fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of day with family and career:

Take yourself on a daily exploration by asking these questions:

  • If I had 25 million dollars in the bank and all the resources I need, would I be doing what I am today?
  • If I am feeling like I’m too much in the comfort zone, what comes to mind that makes me nervous in stepping out? What would it take for me to take a step of faith in a low risk experiment? What risks am I willing to take?
  • If I explored one thing this week that was a passion experiment and I wasn’t going to make money from it, what would I do?
  • What risks would I take without caring what others would say or think of me?
  • When was the last time you spent time creating for “arts sake”? This means no rules, no critique and no expectations that anyone would buy it.
  • What dreams and ideas get you so excited that you literally can’t sleep or can’t wait to get up the next day?
  • Are all my weeks looking to be a rinse and repeat of the last week?
  • Is this year any different from the last? This can be a tell in terms of progress.

Take my 4 week “Explore” challenge:
Step 1: In the morning, take the 10 minute challenge to list the crazy dreams and ideas you have. After a few days you will be in a habit of protected fun time to think without borders. Use the checklist above to get yourself out of the comfort zone. Use no critique on yourself. Be a kid. Give yourself permission to be ridiculous. Make sure to “Blue Sky” think: There are no bad ideas. Honesty and truthfulness is the key to growth. If you’re not embarrassed, you’re not dreaming big enough.

Step 2: List one experiment you will do before Sunday this week. Remember, this means one single small step that gives you a quick win. Then, in the following weeks bite off more. You will then gain confidence to risk more and then risk quicker. Pretty soon you will link victories from your exploring that become a reality. Soon after, your dreams will start getting traction.

Step 3: Watch what happens on your experiments. You will either realize it doesn’t have your heart in it or you will want more. Realize your dreams are like finding your mate: You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince or princess.

Step 4: Using hashtag #noahuexplore post an image on Instagram like a quick doodle or written saying declaring your dream experiment. Post that picture (hopefully you in it). Tag your friends on the post when you leave a comment so they know what you are going after. Report in daily/ weekly the steps you’ve taken. This helps with accountability for producing results. Example, it could be you taking yourself on a date to research and scout a new location for a photography series you want to make. Or, you could visit a garden for a series of flower paintings. Or, what if this week you booked time to take a two hour drive with NO music or phone use.

Last but not least: If you want to know my secret of keeping this discipline it is “booking myself” as a client. I literally book time with myself to create, dream, plan and measure. This process is an inventory on soul care that produces incredible results. You must put it on your calendar. My versions consist of one hour of reflection in the morning as well as a few hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings at dawn to walk in nature and sit to get downloads of ideas.

I’d love for you to get this checklist as a gift from me to you. You can download your free copy by unlocking it below. Open the file on your phone. Save the image to your phone home screen. You will keep it handy and on your mind.

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Do me a favor, leave a comment below by answering the question: If I had $50 million in the bank what risks would I take without caring what others would say or think of me?

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One thought on “Explore what makes your heart soar (checklist)

  1. Santiago Perez says:

    Noah, you’re making me scared man. But as they say, if your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough.
    1) Leave corporate job to become a full time artist
    2) Find a touristy retail space that has three floors. 1st Floor would be a gallery of representational art that has meaning ( a story). 2nd floor would be my studio where visitors to the gallery could come see me work from time to time. 3rd floor would be an art Atelier where students would be taught classical drawing & Painting as well as more contemporary style representational art even concept art.
    3) Donate my time to take the joy of art to places where children or people that are in a distressed situation need a temporary escape and they can do so by me teaching them how to create art.
    4) Donate art to causes that I’m very passionate about like sex trafficking for fund raising to rescue girls.

    Keep up the great work and fighting the good fight brother.

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