Fundraiser for little Noah

Please spread the word on this to everyone you know that might be interested. I am taking “best offers” of the pieces.

Dear Friends and Family,

As some of you know, last year our son little Noah(4) was diagnosed with special needs. It has been a very challenging season of life over the last few months learning, adapting and being proactive on steps to take. He has been improving and we have been seeking the best care and treatment, education for him. I appreciate your walking with Chantel and I through this. About three weeks ago we talked with a specialists that deals with his condition(s). The results of this doctor are astounding and his success with children like Noah are incredible. We have felt a great deal of hope after all the researching we have done. After much prayer, Chantel and I feel this is an incredible opportunity to provide Noah the shaping and tools needed to dramatically improve the quality of his life and development. The challenge came when we were informed that insurance does not cover the treatment. That said, I have pulled original paintings from my own collection and releasing them at well over 75% off their normal price for Noah’s campaign. Most paintings that are $12k are now around 2k. This is the only time I have ever done this but feel this requires action. I feel this is a great time to have collectors get more than a bargain while allowing little Noah the chance most kids wont receive in his situation. Keep in mind that most of these prices for these original paintings are what the prints are selling for out in galleries. Chantel and I have dedicated these paintings to Noah’s treatment.

We are sending this link to view the available works. If you see one you like, simply reply to this email and I’ll mark it sold. If the price is still needs to be worked on for you PLEASE let me know your best offer and I’ll work with you. I can take all major credit cards and can call you or email with order.

Our goal is for his treatment to start asap. I cannot put into words my gratitude for your support and please send to as many people as you want when you receive the regular email from me.


Here is the link:

I will be doing a blast on twitter and facebook. Please make sure to retweet and forward this campaign. Thanks so much!

please send order requests to: