G.P.S. God’s Perfect Strategy

G.P.S. God’s Perfect Strategy

“You don’t leave on a road trip or travel without a road map or GPS. Why would your life be any different? God is the greatest source for direction.” -Noah

Each year, the end of December poses questions about life for me. How was this year? Did we hit the mark? How far off are we on the big plan?

We have a choice: To live life on purpose, or to let life live us. You can let culture and the world dictate the complexity of your hamster wheel, or you can live a life of purpose.

What does that look like? A few statements I live by that filter my purpose and meaning come to mind:

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

If you don’t have a mentor, you’re following yourself.

After looking at these questions, I wondered: Why don’t people follow God? What keeps them from surrendering to His plan, direction, and will?

1. Change: Following God will require them to change or shift their current life. People can’t stand change and avoid change because it’s rooted in ego and wanting to keep control.

2. Fear of The Unknown: People don’t want to embrace or embark on any journey, whether career or marriage, that isn’t predictable or is out of their control. The ego battles to stay seated in God’s throne. “Self” will run crazy without propose or guidance. We boot God out of his throne to take command of our life even though we have no idea about our purpose, calling, and gifting.

3. He will ask me to do something that I hate or don’t want to do. I have yet to see a person surrender his or her life that didn’t discover a life of passion and fruit based on their gifting and calling/unique abilities. The more I surrender daily, the more He illuminates the realities of how and why He created me.

When I was nine, I surrendered my heart to following Christ. At age 28, I had another opportunity to shed the material possessions, career choices, and overall outlook on life based on my wants, not needs. I put that decision of surrender off for another three years. These were the most costly three years of my life. It was later I surrendered myself and saw a change in my life. What happened was an alignment: A life in sync, rhythm, and pace with God through his son Jesus. For years, I believed, as culture advertises, that life was about grabbing all you can, retire, and coast your way to death. Now, I live with purpose.

I’ve got good news. There’s a better way. The life you were intended. A life that is worth living and a cause worth dying for.

We have two options:

1. Continue living a life of guessing, hoping, and wishing we will get off the hamster wheel.


2. We can discover the unique life we were designed and created to live with confidence and with a hope that will never rot, fade, or be stolen. NOW THAT IS HOPE.

I welcome your comments and ask you to share with those friends and family that are asking the tough questions. If life is feeling flat-lined and exhausting, it could be a sign.

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.” Matt 6:19

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

10 thoughts on “G.P.S. God’s Perfect Strategy

  1. Kellie B. says:

    I.L.O.V.E.T.H.I.S. Been asking myself those same questions as the New Year approaches so quickly. SO glad I made yhe decision to join Noah University and invest in myself and future. I finally discovered my true calling and what I was supposed to do with all the different talents He has given me. I absolutely LOVE your openness and how transparent you are when it comes to sharing your love for the Lord. And I love seeing the favor placed over your life for it.

  2. Brooke Coon says:

    Good stuff Noah. I could not be more excited to start 2015. I feel like this year I am wearing my own skin for the first time. In surrendering my calling to God I struggled with what you labeled #3. After a total breakdown in 2013, the lie surfaced that I didn’t believe God had good plans for me. I didn’t trust that the creativity I enjoy could actually be how he wants me to spend my life, instead of slaving over things that drain me. But now I’m on this journey of faith that my true calling as a painter is life giving. Blessed to be in the Noah university family!

  3. Jay says:

    Hi Noah! For me, the harder the road, the better the destination will be. Living life purpose is a rough and rocky road, but it is a road to a finer place. It has taken me a while to discover who I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to do but with your guidance and mentorship over the last year, I am excited for 2015. This year has been extremely trying but I am proud to say I have failed well! I have faith that the trials and tribulations that I have faced are all part of the bigger plan for me. As I take stock of 2014 and plan for 2015, I want to thank you for showing me the way!

    • Noah says:

      Jay thanks for the comment. I agree it isn’t easier. Your calling will require more time, effort and passion than career. Glad to have you here and appreciate all you do for others.

  4. Rob Jackson says:

    “If you don’t have a mentor you’re following yourself.” I never thought about it that way. I haven’t taken myself very far. Thank you, Noah, for your guidance.

  5. Krystal says:

    Thank you for sharing Noah, there are many truths in here and we have also learned life is so much more when we let God be our G.P.S. and we are so thankful that He has brought you into our lives as one of our mentors.

  6. Truth says:

    This post was right on time and summed up and confirmed what God was depositing in my spirit. ..thanks for being obedient and sharing what God is given you….Truth

  7. I've been following GPS for years ("God's Precious Son") realizing a while ago that I'm too feeble-minded and simple to dare to understand God Himself. Sending GPS to be human amongst us makes the mystery more tangible and the strategy more visible to fol says:

    I’ve been following GPS for years (“God’s Precious Son”) realizing a while ago that I’m too feeble-minded and simple to dare understand God Himself. Sending GPS to be human amongst us makes the mystery more tangible and the strategy more visible to follow (for those who believe in Jesus). With the commercialisation of the holy-days, following the true meaning of being humble and compassion seems to be more and more diluted. Thanks Noah, for the HOPE that you provide through your words and works.

  8. Eric Elkins says:

    So awesome to see a brother in Christ using talent and popularity as a conduit to further God’s kingdom!! Noah your work is amazing and I love the Mavericks of Mayhem line!! The Disney stuff is incredible please keep it coming!! It would be nice to get a chance to meet you,hopefully you can come and visit D Street in Orlando in 2015!! God bless you brother!!!

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