Get your life back: Self discipline and focused work episode 39

If you’re like me, self discipline and structure is vital to producing great creativity. In this video I share techniques I use to balance my time and produce quality work, relationships and results. These disciplines helped increase my productivity by 300%.

Success is planned. Good work requires attention. In order to focus with great attention we must structure our life with boundaries on email and social media.

The four areas I address for results are:

1. Will power: we must reserve our will power to maintain the resistance of temptation of distractions. By staying focused we create better work.

2. Email and social media cannot be accessible 24/7. Checking email at two separate times daily free’s up our schedule to be present on the task at hand. Is your life being ran by email and social media? Take a one week break and see how you feel and if you really miss anything. You can get your life back and live in the now without being pulled into distractions. Life isn’t about managing distractions.

3. Use technology as a tool. This tool is a means to and end. The tool has to match it’s purpose according to Cal Newport in his book “Deep Work”. The goal is to leverage time on social media to drive sales and support the very purpose you are after achieving. Otherwise we are wasting and spending time instead of investing it.

4. Don’t mistake having a lot of apps as being productive. The true tell of productivity is quantifying the results. Measure the results of all the time being spent on social media.

Remember: The best work and highest concentrations usually comes in the form of 1-4 hours of solid uninterrupted time. Base your value on what you produce, not in the amount of time it takes to produce. By being focussed you can cut your time at work by 75%.

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One thought on “Get your life back: Self discipline and focused work episode 39

  1. Ryan Tanner says:

    Self Discipline could be the single most reason for failure or success in somebody’s life.
    You can have all the best intentions in the world, but if you can’t discipline yourself to accurately contribute to those intentions by doing, then you won’t succeed.
    Noah University is great for this. Really breaking down the importance of self discipline through strategies like booking yourself as a client and only going on social media twice a day and at certain times.
    Self Discipline should be a it’s own class taught in schools…..

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