How Interstellar Taught me the Importance of Tea and Time

I’ve seen “Interstellar” twice. Don’t worry, this post won’t have any spoilers. Every now and then, certain movies, situations, or happenings will disrupt your life in a good way. Movies have a special way, good ones at least, that strike to the core of your heart and soul. It’s usually the music for me. Three elements made “Interstellar” special for me: the connection of loved ones, time, and what matters most in life.

So, I drove home with thoughts that turned into a question: What would my future self say to the current me if it could? I thought about the me that would be on his death bed; the Noah that lays there looking back on his life and what had great value and purpose. I came to the conclusion that there are four foundational principles that matter most: My relationship with God, my relationships with Chantel and the kids, time, and my relationships with others. (It has nothing to do with an identity in our craft. Our craft of career is a means to a purpose, but not our identity) My craft is a vehicle to reach my purpose. It isn’t the destination.

So many of us go through life missing the entire meaning of it all. What matters most?

Are we meant to spend life on the hamster wheel of busy to work a job we hate, at a company we don’t care about, trading hours for money and then spending it on things that won’t last or go with us to eternity? So what matters then? Why do we work harder and are stressed even more?

What matters most to me? How am I spending my gift of time? How am I leveraging my talent and platform to influence and help others?

As I drove, these thoughts took shape:

My wife: My relationship with Chantel is the most important earthly priority to me. My marriage means more to me than anything. I’m proud to say that for over 15 years, we’ve had a date night every Thursday. We take a proactive approach to maintaining this gift God has given us. As I drove, I thought about what I can do to carve out more memory building time. Why else am I working? Is it just to make revenue? Revenue for what? Then, I asked what does it mean to truly live, not just exist? Am I living the true me and living out exactly what I’ve always wanted? The answer was yes. At this point, after lots of hard decisions, we’ve created a life (even with home schooling) that allows us to not be bound by culture and systems. Simply put: We have freedom. Working from home, creating content that means something to me, and seeing our kids (even one with autism) thrive in their own ways of learning has changed our life. If it wasn’t for Chantel and me working as a team, it wouldn’t happen.

My Kids: As I drove, I thought of their faces, how fast they are changing, and how the clock doesn’t stop ticking. This is one thing that the movie taught me; the precious gift of time. You can’t buy it, but you do have a choice of how you will spend the time you have. This is why you see this picture attached. I asked myself: If I knew this week was my last week on earth, how would I spend it? I drove and thought, I’ll tell the kids in the morning, we are having a hot cocoa tea party in Griffin’s room. We are going to talk about Christmas, what we are thankful for, and we are going to dream about 2015 — where we want to go and things we want to do.

Relationships with others: Recently, I took inventory of the work I do. My craft has always been about connection. Creating products that allow the people we run life with the ability to have an experience. To know they are loved, matter, and are important. This made me glad to see the reality of Chantel and me getting a calling on our life to help special-needs children, specifically AIDS orphans in South Africa. For years, I spent my life trying to be successful, and it ran out. Life isn’t about getting and acquiring stuff that doesn’t last. For me, it’s about shifting my focus to what has significance: God’s agenda and others. Nothing lights me up more than to see others find their gifts, calling, and purpose. If I can use my “time” on earth to help others find hope, then the time isn’t wasted and has value.

My Relationship with God: As I drove, I thought of the years I lived one of the busiest and noisy lives ever. It was mostly packed with busy, but not getting traction. Then I sat down and did inventory to discover God’s plan and what his assignment was for me based on my unique design and potential. What I learned was my “time” with Him is paramount. Having quiet, still mornings listening and spending “time” with Him has transformed and permeated every part of my life. It sounds morbid, but it’s living in a state of death all the time: death to my self and selfish desires. Am I living the true life I’m supposed to and is this the life I dreamt? If it isn’t, what steps do I need to take in order for that to happen? How fast can I make this happen? I can’t figure this out alone.

So, my question to you is this: If the 85-year-old you could come back and talk to you now, what would he or she tell you to do as far as your time and priorities?

My older self said to work less by creating work that is preferred and what you love while having it impact the world and others. More important, shape your life around work not work around life. Build as many memories and make time for tea time; like today and this picture above. Look into your loved ones’ eyes. Time is a gift. Use it wisely.

I’d love to hear from you with a comment below. How do you see yourself, relationships, and the gift of time? Is your life all you’ve hoped it could be and should be? Please share this with others and feel free to repost. I’m glad you’re here!

P.S. I recently posted a video “How to build a life of significance from your creativity and dreams.” Check it out and please leave a comment. I’d love your feedback.

10 thoughts on “How Interstellar Taught me the Importance of Tea and Time

  1. Kellie Boda says:

    Well I definitely need to see that movie now. Your and Chantel’s commitment and devotion to your relationship and marriage is awesome and inspiring. 15yrs of weekly date nights is amazing! It is something my husband and I are really trying to work on since we had the opportunity to speak with you at ReImagine.
    What would my 85yr old self say to me?…STOP procrastinating out of fear! DO more FUN life with your family. DON’T put off things with the excuse of time and money! LIVE MORE LIFE do LESS WORK! 🙂

  2. John Knell says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you Noah. Kids, the economic downturn, the loss of my father and a bout with cancer all forced me to have a major realignment of my thinking which, consequently, profoundly affected how I approach my life/career balance. As I’m sure you know…it’s all a work in progress but I’m striving everyday to keep my priorities aligned to what is important and approach my life with a profound sense of purpose, gratitude and joy. Thanks for everything dude… your words are always inspiring.

  3. Kevin Jacobs says:

    Noah every blog you have posted have been such a blessing to all us who read them and help us craft and create better lives as we follow our dreams and passions. In this year I have realized how time is buzzing by and how everything changes so quickly and that includes my ability to do the things I used to. So now I focus more on what is needed in my life and what is put in front of me by God. Need to see the movie myself , thanks for this!

  4. Craig Fraser says:

    Now I really need to see that movie! Thanks for the words of wisdom, (and no spoilers!) Having lost my dad to cancer in the last few years and watching the years pass like weeks I am only now realizing the truth comcerning “time” that you paint so perfectly in your blog. It’s never too late to focus on spending time wisely with the ones you love and on things that matter!

  5. Krystal says:

    Can totally relate with this post, those are our 3 top priorities also, God, family and time. We all only have a limited amount of time that we are given to love, bless and share life with others around us. We have started on an incredible journey to focus specifically on our relationship with God, with each other, with our kids, family and new friends we get to meet along the journey, it is at times scary not knowing exactly where we may end up or what the day will bring but the memories and the relationships we have restored or began these past couple of months have been worth the risk. Thank you for your guidance and inspiration that you are to us on our journey.

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