How is Your Life Being Directed? 4 Steps to Strategic Living

Do you feel your life is in balance or constantly a fire drill of demands? As a parent, a husband and a owner of multiple businesses, I can honestly say there is an art to getting the work/life balance in place. I wanted to share 4 steps to strategic living that have provided balance with my family, work, and relationships.

When I was in my late 20’s building my company, wanting to have a family and balance in life I experienced a disruption. It was this thought: Who in the world is responsible for my life and how in the world am I supposed to manage all of this responsibility of parenting, career and marriage?

It was then brought to my attention by one of my mentors that I am not in the director’s chair but I am the producer. This changed everything. My outlook on life and my execution changed dramatically and things kicked into high gear.

I want to share with you 4 steps I use as reminders that create productivity and balance: 

1) I am the producer, not the director: We often believe we are on control. Yes, we are but not how you might think. Meaning, we are in control of planting, cultivating, and watering. The land isn’t ours and the rain/results aren’t in our control. As with parenting, it’s Chantel’s and my job to train, encourage and discipline. However, how they end up isn’t up to us. The results we can’t control. We can only control the training.

2) Follow the Leader: As I stated in my other post about mentors, that you can’t go about this life alone. The most powerful effective individuals I know have multiple mentors. It’s key. If you don’t have a mentor you are following yourself. Mentors see the backside of your thoughts, strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. Having mentors has saved me money, time and effectiveness. If you don’t have a mentor and need some guidance I’ve created my online mentor program to help.

3) Blaze Your Own Trail: Is the trail you are on in life clear or need blazing? If it’s clear, you’re on the wrong path. Someone has already blazed that trail; You would be a follower or telling someone else’s story. Blaze your own trail. Be original and provide newness to others through your message and story.

4) Your Life is a Solution for Someone: Too often I hear people say that they don’t know what their gift is or their talent. I encourage these folks to see what lights them up. Whatever you are passionate about and thrive on is a tell in regards to your strengths and gift. The fun part comes when you realize that your life is a solution for someone in need. Maybe you are a stay at home mom starting a business or love helping coach children with special needs. Whatever your passion, your life can be used to impact others for significance, not just success and dollars. I keep running into people over and over that have more money than they can imagine but are empty with no purpose and meaning. It’s easy to forfeit our dreams for the facade that money provides. Money is fuel for dreams but isn’t necessary for dreams to launch.

Remember: God can only steer a “moving” ship. We are required to take action and move forward in confidence. The secret is to realize that the captain knows where he is going and the most direct route.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. Prov 19:21 NIV

I’d love to hear a comment from you by answering the question: “Do you feel you’re trying to control the outcomes or can you rest in the production and leave the results out of your control?

If this post has struck a chord, I want you to know I have a solution to help you grow deeper in managing your time, talent and money. If you’re looking for a mentorship based in biblical principles, I Just Launched a FREE video series called the “4 Keys to Unlock 100x Results in Your Career, Family, and Calling”. Click here to watch. These topics changed my career and life forever…

6 thoughts on “How is Your Life Being Directed? 4 Steps to Strategic Living

  1. Walt Cueto says:

    Noah, thank you for these. I do feel like I’m in a abyss. I’m a pretty successful industrial engineer and I am a continuous improvement manager. I can see problems and solve them on the spot. Factories profit from all of the cost savings I produce. However I feel that my life can contribute more to humanity than to corporate America. I love to airbrush and would love to do it full time. I’m paralized by the thought of failure or not having enough income to provide for my family with airbrushing. I’m a dreamer and am very creative when it comes to art. But ever since I was child my father always told me “your paintings will be worth more when you die and your kids will love you then, you need a career” that speech was when I was 11 years old.

    • Noah says:

      Walt thanks for your honesty man. You’re asking and talking about the right things. It costs is more “not” to live our dreams than to launch into them. Piles of regret is the reality if we don’t. I get how you feel. It’s better for my health and family if I launch into me dreams. It can also be done while holding a normal job. You have what it takes!!

  2. Jason says:


    I couldn’t agree more with what Noah says: “It can also be done while holding a normal job. You have what it takes!!”

    I’ve been in your shoes, in fact, most people are in your shoes. My recommendation from my own struggles is to start small, and be consistent. You’d be amazed at how much fulfillment you’d get out of 30 minutes a day of doing what you love. Just be sure that you’re doing actual *work* and not falling into one of the common traps:
    – thinking and over analyzing how to get started
    – reading blog after blog of how you can work on the side, and generate an income
    – getting your ducks in a row before you can start

    Just start. 30 minutes a day, without any expectation of what you are going to create and/or sell. I’m sure you’ll find that the more you do this, the more insight and innovation will flow freely through you.

    Good luck … now … get moving!

  3. Mike Raymer says:


    Thank you for the inspiring words, as you always have for us. I am glad to hear about your mentoring program. I don’t really have anyone I can call a mentor, especially to guide me towards my dream. I really liked Jason’s comments for Walt, as well as your take on this. I work a normal job, and I paint in my spare time. I was getting very frustrated sometimes because I just want my dream to happen now. And I keep looking at how I can make that happen now. You see, I feel like I took the path in life a lot of people don’t take. I found my soul mate and married her at a young age, and had two wonderful children with her. I got the family everyone dreams of first, but now I am missing the career. My wife and I sacrificed to make sure we raised our children the best to our ability. Now they are both about to graduate High School, and move on with their lives. Now I am chasing my dream job. I never thought about getting the results the way you put it. I thought I could I had to direct my life to get the results I want. But when I missed out on the scholarship you were just offering to NoahU, I stopped and looked at it as if Maybe I wasn’t ready for that yet. Maybe I still need to get my “ducks in a row”, as Jason said. I am working hard at becoming the best artist I can be. Now I will try and just be the producer as you said, and try to avoid those traps Jason spoke of. Then maybe, my dream will come true.

    • Noah says:

      Mike thanks for the comments and words. Your priorities are intact: you put your daughters first and that’s awesome. I know for me I had to take action with my mentors and getting the wisdom needed to grow my business and brand. It required action. It also doesn’t fall in your lap. I would encourage you to ask what it will cost you “not” to live and build your dream? Even if on the side of your job. Let us know if you have any questions doing life together with other creatives and leaders changed my life. I’m really glad your here and appreciate your comments. Keep the dialog going!

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