I hunted fear and won. Here’s how….

My book #fearhunters has just gone live on Book Rally.

For too many years I ignored wounds and traumas that happened to me in my past. I just brushed them under the carpet. Later, these wounds re-appeared as aftershocks in my life in the form of panic attacks, fear and anxiety. I didn’t know what was going on or how to get rid of it. These lies and fears started impacting the way I felt about myself and ultimately my effectiveness in life. I had some house cleaning to do on my soul.

Something had to change…

I wanted to live in authority as a husband, a father, a businessman and then impact the lives around me.

In order to win in those areas I needed a strategy, tools and a game plan. I didn’t realize it but I made agreements with these lies and shame ruled my life. I was frustrated. It appeared I never was going to live a life in freedom, peace and impact if I didn’t confront the wounds from my past. But I didn’t know how…

I found that these very wounds from my past held keys to freedom.

As I went on the hunt to restoration and healing, I wrote #fearhunters sharing my journey and blueprint to help other’s get freedom.

No longer do fears and shame have to rule our lives, they can be hunted and eliminated if you know the truth that can set you free.

If you are finding it hard top be courageous or bold, find your decisions and thoughts being ruled by fear and shame, I welcome you to take the journey through #fearhunters.

Our thought-life defines our identity and how we see ourself. What we believe dictates our actions, and our actions become habits. We all face enemies from our past: guilt, shame, and fear that are born from negative circumstances which have created wounds. These wounds can birth lies that we agree with over time that cripples our thinking, nagging us into an ineffective life. Our family, career, and relationships suffer as a result. Freedom from these strongholds in our mind can be achieved, and #fearhunters is here to provide strategies and targets to help eliminate the shame and guilt that stand between you and the life you are meant to live.

#Fearhunters shows you how to stop living spread too thin, exhausted, and afraid of life. I show you how to clear your heart and mind to make room for peace, love, and compassion for yourself. I define the enemy and show you what you’ve been fighting, and how to go on the offense to hunt. Once these tools are in place, we discuss how to steward a meaningful and “significant” life rather than simply a “successful” life.

Processes throughout the book:
1) Dismantling your Fake Identity
2) Establishing Your True Identity
3) Moving in Your Authority
4) Living Out Your Calling

Once I got free I was made aware of the life I was missing. Abundance, impact and thriving in all areas of my calling.

I’d like to help you and other’s gain clarity and freedom.

Click here to learn about the #fearhunters Book Rally campaign and partner with me to help make this dream a reality.

Let’s go on the hunt…..

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