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Here's what you'll get

Book Bundle ($79.99 MSRP)

Book 1:
Speed Bumps

Book 2:

Book 3:
31 Disciplines of Highly Successful Creatives

You'll learn the industry secrets of:

  • How to harness your creative energy to develop excellent work (and sell it!) while balancing your family and social life
  • How to use life’s biggest challenges, setbacks, and disappointments as “launching pads” for your best work
  • The keys to dismantling the fear and shame that hinder your personal and professional life so that you can embrace your unique gifts (and experience genuine satisfaction)
  • The secrets to creating amazing art, even when you don’t feel inspired
  • The path from survival to success to significance: what it takes to make a difference in the world and make your life count
  • The disciplines that unleash your talents, drive impact and help you build a profitable business around the work you love

31 Disciplines Course ($179.99 MSRP)

If you’re anything like the vast majority of creatives I’ve met, you have tons of great ideas but struggle with organizing and prioritizing them. You’re bursting with talent, but you have trouble being productive at work and present with your family.

You don’t need more motivation or to work harder. You need a system. The 31 Disciplines course reveals the keys of world famous creatives:

  • Managing Expectations
  • Overcoming Fear is Essential to Grow
  • Know Thy Calling
  • Chase Impact, Not Income
  • Don't Wait for Inspiration to Create and Launch
  • Actively Pursue Wisdom and Sharpen Your Axe
  • Don't Settle for the Status Quo
  • Your Greatest Asset
  • The Power of Your Story
  • Create Systems
  • Early Bird Gets the Worm
  • Hack Your Email and Social Media
  • Time Mastery vs. Time Management
  • Focused Work
  • Self-Imposed Deadlines
  • Get Naked in Relationships
  • Negotiating: Lead With A Feather But Have a Hammer in Your Back Pocket
  • The Power of Over-Communication
  • Pull the Weeds in Relationships
  • Conquering Life's Rogue Waves
  • The Ripple Effect of Your Integrity
  • Exercise Your Mind and Body
  • Your #1 Client: Your Spouse
  • Investing in "Best Days" With Your Kids
  • Yearly Retreat: Self and Business Inventory
  • Avoid the Comparison Trap
  • If it Doesn't Have Your Name on it, Get Rid of it ASAP
  • Broker Other People's Expertise
  • Toys: Rent, Don't Buy
  • Make Customers the King
  • Wisdom is the Greatest Product You Will Ever Sell

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