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Everything about it is made in the USA, and we are very proud of that!

These are real working N scale models. Track & power pack sold separately.

There’s something so special about trains. As a kid I loved having a train around the Christmas tree. Even this last New Year’s our family rode a small scale train through a forest in the Bay Area. Memories I will never forget.

I have had it in my sights to launch a Kid in Me train project. Then I met Lowell Smith…

I was in Disneyland doing a train event and saw these small scale trains that I thought were executed so well. I was blown away at the detail. A few months later I met Lowell, the creator of these trains at a D23 Disney Expo. We began a conversation and realized we both had a passion for trains but also using our craft to help impact the world.

I couldn’t be more excited to share with you our brand new project called “The Kid in Me Railway”. Lowell and I have partnered to release a brand new train set that is inspired by the Kid in Me and the painting I created called, “Delivering Hope to Every Destination”.

This project has a bigger purpose. Lowell and his wife Barb heard about how Chantel and I are working to provide homes for AIDS Orphans in South Africa. We all wanted to use a portion of the proceeds to help with our Ingane Forever Family Home, that we have been raising money and awareness to support. Our hope is that we can all come together to take the love of art, trains and helping others, to make this project a huge impact on kids in our South Africa home.


The Kid in Me™

The Kid in Me – Boxcar