31 Disciplines of Highly Successful Creatives



Try to draw a sketch while sitting on a boat surrounded by a tornado… and you will understand the nausea-inducing experience of attempting to produce your best creative work while managing the dynamics of life. The good news is, you CAN develop the disciplines (and strong stomach) required to be successful in your personal and professional life as a creative — and Noah Elias will be your guide.

In addition to being a creative entrepreneur, speaker, and the owner of Noah Studios, Inc., Noah Elias is a master airbrush artist who has worked with the likes of Disney, Lucasfilm, Universal Pictures, Microsoft, Toyota, Costco, and other major brands. From selling art door-to-door at the age of 16 to building a major business from his artistic work, Noah understands the struggles that creatives face: whether they’re chasing inspiration, producing products at scale, working out their finances, negotiating deals, building teams, or attempting to raise a healthy family in the midst of life’s craziness.

31 Disciplines of Highly Successful Creatives is a collection of Noah’s insightful, down-to-earth meditations on how to overcome the unrelenting challenges that creatives face on the journey to success. But Noah takes it far beyond success: He is known for rallying peers and students toward lives of fulfillment and significance. Being a man of faith, Noah infuses spiritual wisdom into easily digestible daily readings, channeling his optimism and experience into resonant advice and action steps. He is the knowing, empathic, enthusiastic friend that every entrepreneur needs as he or she navigates the feisty waters of building a creative business. From the very beginning, you will feel a kinship with Noah and experience the clarifying effects of his salient observations — and you will quickly be able to put his knowledge to use in your own life.

31 Disciplines is full of gems from 30 years of artistic triumphs and lessons learned, a treasure trove of inspiration and guidance that you will want to reference again and again.