ReImagine Conference 2015 Special

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1. Register online through this link here and check out the payment options for registration. We are having a special sale to get $300 off! You save the most if you pay in full.

2. Once you register, hotel rooms are filling up. I don’t want you to wait until the deadline of October 22 and find out that all of the rooms are spoken for. Make sure to reserve your room as soon as you can. 


It’s been 27 years since I started my company on a bike selling art door to door. There have been speedbumps that were challenges on the journey and those speedbumps became launching pads.

The day it all went into hyperdrive and took off was when I gave myself permission to Re-Imagine my life, family, business and craft. It was this assessment of my life, gifts and time that allowed me to discover the sweet spot of living: Knowing who I am, what I am supposed to do and how I am supposed to do it. This took action on my part and I wouldn’t be getting the results I am now had I not invested in myself getting in front of experts in my field and learning from the best. I’m inviting you the opportunity to do the same and learn from the best that I know.

The good news is that I’m taking my almost 30 years of knowledge, my closest partners and leaders in business and making all available for you. In person for a three day event.

That’s why I created the Re-Imagine Conference. This 3 day conference is engineered for those that are entrepreneurs, dreamers and do’ers. You will here from myself and some of the top creatives I’ve ever encountered on my journey. We are all coming together in one place to be intentional about taking creativity and dreams and making them a reality. You could be just starting out, well on your way or maybe hitting burnout. You could be even stuck. PERFECT! This is the ideal setting regardless of your place in the journey.

Through the format of TED style presentations, speakers will be sharing insight to their journey taking a dream from an idea to impacting the world.

What would it be like for you to take 3 days to be in a venue with high octane creatives that you can learn from? How could these three days be one of the largest investments into yourself as a brand?

Reimagine Your Life
Reimagine Your Self
Reimagine Your Craft
Reimagine Your Time
Reimagine Your Talent
Reimagine Your Treasure/Money
Reimagine Your Execution
Reimagine Your Relationships

I invite you to join me and other creatives living life on purpose to discover tools and strategies to get the most out of their life. Learn practical knowledge that can be implemented and ignite your influence.

What you will experience:
Social Media Strategies that work to build your following
Time management hacking for more productivity
Steps to build healthy boundaries in work/life balance
How to tell your story online
How to discover your identity and calling
Hot seat diagnostics with attendees to improve their online presence
Online marketing strategies to boost sales
Testimonies from top leaders in how they have built their dream
How to lean into risk and adventure with your creativity and craft
The art of doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t
Fitting your work around your life, not life around work.

If you’re going to Re-Imagine your life wouldn’t it be incredible to have a place of others doing the same with experts that have proved the methods?

Re-Imagine is going to take place over 3 days in Orange County and space is limited. Click here to visit the website and get registration details.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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