The Secret Ingredient I Found to Making Dreams a Reality

The Secret Ingredient I found to making Dreams a Reality

When we are children we live a life of creativity. We paint, draw and make things in the sand. The funny thing is we grow older and that element of play and free creativity gets robbed with life and responsibilities. The secret ingredient I found to making dreams a reality is:


Permission to think outside the box. Permission to dream dreams that are so outrageous and ludicrous that it would take a miracle and act of God to make a reality. Well, here’s what’s amazing. I found that it’s working. The more I listened to the Kid in Me and seek what lights him up the more I strike gold.

If your dreams aren’t intimidating to you they are most likely intimidating to God.

Here are three simple points I exercise to listen to the kid in me and see what he needs and what lights him up:

  1. Permission to Dream and Vision Cast: I sit down with my journal or a friend or my wife and say, “If you could have it ANY way you want it what would it look like? This could be a new idea, a book, a project, a trip, a change to your home, a job, a LIFE!
  2. Permission to Dream Without Limits or Critiquing: The number one way dreams die and visions get shot down is doubt, fear and critique. This is a form of self sabotage because we worry too much what others will think or say. This is tragic because it means a life trapped in fear not being your true self and you’re on the hamster wheel of living for other people. Remove doubt, fear and critique and you will feel safe and trust to go big. Look at yourself as a id in a sandbox. do you think that kid is worried about criticism? Is that kid concerned what others will say about the sandcastle or creation? Imagine living this way. Freedom to be the real you.
  3. Permission to Risk and Fail: It’s one thing to dream big. It’s another to say, “I’ll do it”. It’s another level to go big and actually DO IT. Read this post here about one of the greatest gifts I gave my wife when we gave ourselves permission to dream and then pull the trigger.

Listen, there are millions of folks in the world that get ready, they aim, then aim, then aim, then aim………. and never pull the trigger.

Dream big, build big, keep moving forward. If your dreams seem doable and easy then you’re not dreaming near big enough. If you want a ridiculous and unique way of living you have to start think and dreaming and executing that way!

The child within us yearns for wonder, adventure and seeking what’s around the next corner. I remember as a kid I looked forward to every event. whether we were going to Disneyland, going to the beach, a birthday party or school function. I created this piece “Dream Big, Build Big, Keep Moving Forward” as  reminder that the kid in each of us still yearns for those moments. Over the years, my mindset has become more of “permission”. Permission to dream so big that they seemed impossible or a miracle to come to fruition. The awesome things is that they started coming true. Small experiments.

Question: If fear wasn’t a factor, what dream or dreams would you love to see happen by the end of the year? what is stopping this from happening? Please leave a comment below and share this post with others. I’m glad you’re here!!

2 thoughts on “The Secret Ingredient I Found to Making Dreams a Reality

  1. IamNinjaD says:

    By the end of this year I want to have my own animated series created and aired to be seen by the world. The only answer i can think of whats stopping this from happenning is my own issue of over thinking things, fear of criticism, and procrastination. As im sitting hear with tears in my eyes because I know everything you wrote here is the truth, I refuse to continue thinking and living this way! I have everything I need and every opportunity available to me to make this happen and see my dreams come true along with all of the dreams ‘Ive had as a kid. I never write comments on posts like these but it feels good to let out this fustration and anger I have built up knowing that im guilty of living in fear of what people think of me and being ashamed of failure. But no more! I cant stand it anymore! All i can say is thank u for this and it must have been God that made read this out of the blue because it was just what I needed. Next time u hear from me it will be because im making be things happen and living my life to the fullest!

    • noahfineart says:

      IamNinjaD, I could not be more excited for you! This is the tipping point and I know how you feel. Permission is liberating and I cannot wait to see what unfolds. Thanks for your transparency and sharing. Change is good! The best is yet to come!

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