Go from surviving to thriving in your creative business

You have the talent and the tenacity to build a creative business, but your sales are inconsistent. Your morale is suffering. Your efforts feel futile. You ride waves of inspiration only to burn out and scramble to make ends meet. The good news is, there’s another way. If you’re ready to maximize your opportunities and build a sustainable, high-impact operation you can pass on to the next generation, The Profitable Artist is your blueprint!

From selling art door to door at 16 years old to working with brands like MTV, Microsoft, and Disney, Noah Elias has poured his 30+ years of experience into The Profitable Artist to help you build the profitable creative business of your dreams!

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During this course experience, you’ll dive into the 5 core stages of building, launching, and scaling your creative business:
Once you progress through these core stages, you’ll have everything you need to be profitable year after year!

Frequently asked questions:

The Profitable Artist course is for creatives, makers, and entrepreneurs who are ready to build a profitable business and realize their calling. You would benefit from this if…
  • You have big dreams, but you aren’t sure what to commit to get to the next level personally and professionally.
  • You want to reinvent yourself and pivot in your career, but you need seasoned guidance to do so.
  • You need expert guidance on marketing and selling techniques to boost your business.
  • You want to make more money, have more impact, and have more significance as you realize your potential and empower those around you.
If you’ve hit a plateau or can’t overcome your fears of moving forward, The Profitable Artist will give you the tools and inspiration to rise above your challenges.

Here’s just a snapshot of what you’ll learn from The Profitable Artist course and book:

  • What kind of entrepreneur you are — and which path to market will fit you best
  • How to speak your ideal customer’s language and deliver on the promises you make
  • How to use lead gen strategies, make videos, and engage with your audience
  • How to organize your products, create pricing tiers, and determine your margins
  • The keys to creating (and achieving!) realistic weekly, monthly and annual goals
  • How to manage the digital tools that will allow you to automate and scale
  • Ways to leverage influencers, host contests, capture emails, and utilize Instagram
  • How to promote lead magnets and maximize your offering through books and courses.

… and much, MUCH more.

The Profitable Artist covers everything from crafting the vision for your business to picking products, creating your platform, developing your offers, and scaling your business. This is as comprehensive, strategic and practical as it gets!

Whether you’re a growth-minded creator still refining your ideas or you already have a business, this course is for you. Here’s why: First, you’ll learn how to think like an entrepreneur and avoid costly mistakes many of us make when we launch our first business. Second, now more than ever, you need to start behaving like an entrepreneur if you want to be a top performer in your industry. Understanding how to communicate more effectively and leverage the Internet for more sales and more impact is vital to ensure you earn top dollar and remain relevant and in demand in your field.
No problem! Simply get in touch with Noah’s team at We would love to assist you!

What People are Saying:

The Profitable Artist is an insightful roadmap for artists of any level navigating the labyrinth of earning a living through their craft. Noah’s guidance is a beacon of practical wisdom and creative empowerment that artist will find invaluable in building out their ecosystem.

Will Gay
Designer /Artist The Walt Disney Co.

If you are a creative entrepreneur, looking for a roadmap not only to success but to significance then The Profitable Artist is for you. This book is pregnant with very practical steps and wisdom on how to turn your dreams into action and reality. The questions Noah asks you to personally answer at the end of each chapter will help guide you towards not only your business but a life of excitement, fulfillment and significance! I highly recommend Noah Elias and The Profitable Artist to anyone who is serious about using their creativity to make an income and an impact in the world.

Scott & Chrysti Burroughs
Owners Art of Scooter

This book is a game-changer for creative entrepreneurs! Noah’s insights are pure gold. Implementing his guidelines transformed my business, both emotionally and financially. His approach emphasizes working smarter, not harder, all while honing in on your purpose-which has been invaluable. This book is a must-buy for anyone seeking to improve their creative ventures. Trust me, your business will thank you!

DeAnn Hebert
Founder DeAnn Fine Art

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