Meet Noah:

From selling art door to door on his bike at 16 years old, Noah Elias built a successful creative career over 30+ years, working with the likes of Disney, Costco, Lexus, MTV, Universal Pictures, Lucasfilm, Microsoft, and more. He was voted one of the Top 25 Artists in the World by Art Business News magazine, and his business was named by Microsoft as one of the 10 most influential companies under 10 employees. Noah is the founder and CEO of Great Flood Publishing, Inc., and his agency, Noah Studios, has executed major projects for impactful organizations around the world. As well as teaching aspiring artists how to make a living from pursuing their passion, Noah continues to partner with Disney and does regular on-site events at DisneyLand.

In addition to being a world-class artist, Noah is an author, coach, and thought leader who consults with other artists, personalities, organizations, and businesses around the world. Dedicated to using their family business as a mission for good, Noah and his wife, Chantel, and their children, Griffin and Noah, have partnered together to support Acres of Love, which cares for special needs AIDS orphans in South Africa.

Clients Inlcude:

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